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Where is the best place to learn how to surf on the east coast?

I have no significant experience, but three days of vacation at the end of next week and would like to go somewhere warm to take some surfing lessons in the eastern time zone. Any recommendations for geographic locations and/or instructors?
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I'd say Cape Hatteras; a friend of mine learned to surf there and talked about it as being a perfect combination of relatively low crowds, warm weather and good waves. I'm sure there are instructors around there, based on how many other surfers he said he had seen.
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A large quantity of surfers in my area (Central FLorida) like to surf at New Smyrna Beach, FL. It also is the closest beach to us - but I do know there's a large number of surfers at the northern end of the beach. Also, Cocoa Beach, FL is nearby and they are the home of Ron Jon Surf Shop, so I'd check that out too.
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Your biggest hurdle is consistency. Will there be any surf for you to learn on. When the east coast is flat....its flat. Your best bet for consistency sake is Cape Hatteras. It juts out there and can pick up swell from several directions. It should be fairly warm this time of year (coming from a New Englander) but not that warm. You will probably need a wetsuit will still be needed.
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Our family learned to surf last year in Cocoa Beach, waves were just right for a beginner. It was a total blast. Right next to Ron Jon's is a Sheraton Fourpoints Hotel with a huge Surf shop, Restaurant with a wood burning pizza oven and a Starbucks all built in! Well ya can't surf all the time :)
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