Good Mary-Jane style sneaker with arch support?
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What's a good Mary-Jane style sneaker (for walking) with solid arch support?

I'll be moving to Europe soon and plan on spending many of my weekends out and about, walking. I have pretty flat feet, though, and could use solid arch support as I go. I'd prefer a slip-on, Mary-Jane style (a style something along these lines), something with a low profile - but I'd also like a shoe that's going to be as comfortable as possible for long walks. Any suggestions?
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I highly recommend Ecco - these may be the kind of thing you're looking for. I wear my Eccos pretty much every day, and sometimes walk as many as 10 miles depending on my schedule. That being said, I always wear socks when walking more than 5 miles to avoid blisters, and personally I'm not fond of the Mary-Janes-plus-socks look (I'd go for a lace-up sneaker style). But that's just me.

Most importantly, have fun!
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I have a pair by Keen. They have great support, and hold up well. They also make a lot of Mary-Jane styles.
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I have almost flat feet, and I'm finding these Merrell Circuits to be very comfortable for walking. They're new, though, and I haven't walked more than four miles at a stretch in them yet. (I have a pair of Timberland Mary Janes that's even better, but I can't find them on-line any more.)
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I've been pretty happy with these Patagonia shoes (made by Merrill).
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I absolutely love these Merrells and they come in many colors. I wore them walking all around Paris and Bordeaux and they were even more comfortable than athletic shoes.
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I second the Keen suggestion by kimdog. I have Keen shoes and am extremely happy, and my gf also has one of the Sienna models on the page linked, and she swears by them. They are comfortable, low-profile, and extremely durable shoes.
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While I can't offer a good shoe recommendation, you might try inserts to expand your options. I got some for my running shoes and swap them into other shoes (even some heels). Don't mean to sound like a plug, but my Lynco inserts have lasted me about a year so far.

There was a very helpful thread here that might have ideas for the style you're talking about, if not arch support.
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I'm a professional dog walker, and I swear by Merrell Chameleon Arc mary janes.
They have a nice, high arch "cookie" and are great for mega-pronators like me.
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I've got some Privos, (not these, but close) that are so comfy I wear them like slippers, and they're tough too--I've had them for a couple years and wear them all summer. The insole is a slightly nobby super dense foam with a pretty high arch. Privo is an offshoot of Clarks, known for making great walking shoes.
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I have had these Clarks Unstructured shoes for about a year now and I love them. They took a little bit of breaking in, but they seem very supportive and they are very comfortable. They are a little less sneaker-like, but they go great with everything from jeans to khakis to casual skirts.
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