Ebook vendor for pulp scifi?
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Does anyone sell Ace Doubles and other similar pulp scifi in ebook format?

I have a pile of 50s through 70s science fiction (varieties of ace doubles and similarly pulpy awful-but-good standalone novels) that I would really like to stop moving from apartment to apartment. The new Kindle DX is finally an ebook reader that looks good enough to buy and I'd like to find a source for novels of this sort, Amazing magazine, ...
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Virtually all the eBook retailers have the exact same inventory. Fictionwise is an exception, as they carry a lot of small press/self-published stuff. With a Kindle, you're pretty much locked in to buying from Amazon, but with almost 7,000 science fiction titles, I should think you'd be able to find something to read.
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Yup; there's at least one! http://www.amazon.com/Dr-Futurity-double-novel-books/dp/B0007EIOV6
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Response by poster: Hmm. I was hoping that there might be a vendor with a wider selection [pkd is atypical for ace doubles] and the DX supports PDF....
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Project Gutenberg has a ton of H. Beam Piper, for some reason (scroll way down).
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