Help me get from Chicago to La Crosse, WI!
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I'm most likely going to Clown Camp(!!!) this June in La Crosse, WI. I'd be leaving from Chicago. The best way seems like Amtrak, but I need to be there by 4 and the train doesn't get in until 7. I'll take this back to Chicago, but I need a way to get from Chicago to La Crosse on public transportation. Some options have been a bus from Chicago to Madison and then Madison to La Crosse. I have no familiarity with this area at all. Going on Amtrak the day before is not an option, since I have a wedding the night of the 6 in Chicago! Help please! Also, any tips on clowns/clown camp/clowning/etc. would be appreciated too.
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Well, flying is pretty dear with a $600+ round trip. Greyhound does have a bus that will get you there at 3 in the afternoon, leaving before 8 in Chicago and changing busses in Tomah, WI.

Other than ride-sharing or renting a car, I'm not sure what other options you have. I would bet that there are people driving up from Chicago -- the only problem is finding them.
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Are you opposed to flying? Orbitz has a flight June 7 - 14 for less than $200 including taxes (round trip).

- rideshare postings on websites
- post on craigslist with details
- try to find other participants (facebook? blog search? ask the school to provide list of names in your area?) and get a ride
- greyhound
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Also: CoachUSA runs buses from Chicago to Madison. That might help you get closer...There is one leaving Chicago downtown at 10:30am and arriving 1:40ish in Madison. Looks like they also leave from airports and it might be faster that way.
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You could ask on Clown Forum if anyone else from the area is going/can direct you.
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Contact the people who organize the program and explain your situation. They might be willing to connect you with others from your area who will be driving, who could give you a ride. What the heck, you'd be going to the same destination, right?

Offer to split the gas money, at could sweeten the deal with a couple of red rubber noses, or something.

Have fun! It sounds like a terrific experience.
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jefferson lines has some service in that area, but it's mostly a college connector so I'm not sure what their summer schedule is like
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barnone and Think_Long, Jefferson used to provide the only direct service between LaCrosse and Madison, but it was recently discontinued due to losses not covered by a federal subsidy. (Thanks for checking Orbitz, though -- I only looked on Priceline.)

For a rideshare, you could also advertise for someone going all the way to Minneapolis who's willing to take I-90 instead of I-94.

Isn't packing a lot of clowns into a car considered practice?
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone for all the help. Those were great ideas.

Unfortunately, Clown Camp is full. However, I might be able to go to Red Skelton's Clown School in Vincennes, IN. Finding a way there will be even harder!

Also, dhartung, I laughed out loud at your response!
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