Does this painting sound familiar?
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Help me identify a painting I saw, loved, and forgot... A group of "bohemians" are eating/drinking/sitting under a bridge... there may or may not be a bonfire... it may or may not be night... I use the word "bohemian" because it has stuck in my mind... I don't know whether that's part of the title, whether the painting is German, or whether it just struck me as abstractly "bohemian" - I had just become an artist :> - I saw it in a museum, most likely in NY, San Francisco, or London - sorry for the slight reeds of info - anything sound familiar to anyone?
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I am trying to find it out of boredom. Couple questions:

Was it realist? Abstract? Older painting? Newer? Circa 1950s? Circa 1700s?
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Luncheon of the Boating Party immediately came to mind. There is no bonfire or bridge, and I'm not sure these people would be depicted as "bohemian". This is probably not the painting you were thinking of because it is such a well-known painting, but I thought I'd answer just in case.
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If pressed I'd say circa 1890-1930, Ian, but not with much confidence. Thanks for asking.

That's not it, Fairchild, but thanks to you too for humoring my search!
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A description of the style would be a huge help.
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Dejeuner sur l'herbe is the other obvious choice: bohemians, food, but no bridge.
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I know, Sys, and wish I could remember -- alas, not.

Yeah, Doubtful, definitely a bridge.

Thanks all.
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Stab in the dark - could it be "Hobo Camp Under Bridge" by Theodore Czebotar about 2/3rds of the way down this page?
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Not it, lun, but that's a great, sad painting - thanks for introducing me to Czebotar!
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