San Francisco Masking Tape Poems?
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I've become fascinated with Masking Tape Poems found on the streets of San Francisco, and feel sure that there must be more documentation - some alternative weekly article, blog post, art historian musings, etc. - out there that I'm missing through my lame googlefu skills. Looking for links, photos, or "oh yeah I've seen that and heard..." information.

Here's what I'm going on so far:
Jeremy Brooks' set and his
Flickr set
Brooks' photo of man who may be the author

So far I've only found three other photos - but I'm sure there must be something more out there. Randomly I've never actually seen these in person - just found the photos and am liking the idea. Might not have been going on long - but looks like photos have been taken of this (similar font, assuming it's same poet) for at least a year.

I will feel extremely silly if the answers are all in MeFi and I've missed them somehow.
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If you are in the area there are tape poems right now on Valencia street near the NE corner of 18th St.
I think these ones were signed "elvis christ"
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I took some pictures of the ones near 18th street yesterday, some were beat up, others were clear. If you read closely, the guy was advertising he'd be speaking at a bookstore in north beach last weekend. The info is in the photos on my flickr page
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Response by poster: So far I've set up a Flickr Gallery to try and keep track of everyone that's posted photos of this, and other Tape Poems. "Elvis Christ" seems to be the main producer of these, though I've found a couple of other examples.
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