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Universal wishlists were discussed in the blue about a year ago. I'd like to use one, but there's a lot of them out there. What are your recommendations? [Desired features inside]

My wishlist of features for a universal wishlist:

1. Ability for the user to order the list; or at the very least, assign various priorities to items on the list, and have others view the list sorted by priority by default.

2. Ability to display images as part of the list (preferably, by intelligently finding product images; alternately, by having the user identify the product image when the item is added to the list).

3. Automatic import of as much information as possible (name, URL, price); having the user enter the information directly for each item is less preferred.

4. Place for the user to enter his own comments on the item (ideally a separate field for this; not, as I've seen on one such list, "type in the name here and you can add comments as part of the 'name' too if you want to").

5. Easy import of an existing Amazon wish list.

I realize there may not be a solution out there that incorporates all of these, but the more of these features that are included, the better.
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An RSS feed would be nice too.

I know it isn't my question but...
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May I, as unsnarkily as possible, ask what a simple HTML or text list lacks? I've never used Amazon wishlists, but a plain list seems about as universal as you can get, and doesn't lock people into a vendor.
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Presumably, it lacks the ability to let visitors see when random folks have already purchased items from the list, obviating anybody else of the need to buy another one of those items. Lest you end up receiving eight copies of your Super Alpha Number One Awesome selection in lieu of anything else and whatnot.
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Response by poster: May I, as unsnarkily as possible, ask what a simple HTML or text list lacks?

A text list lacks images of the item, links to a product description at a vendor's website, user reviews at the vendor's website, etc. An HTML list lacks convenience (i.e., there's some level of work involved in adding each item which is greatly reduced with a proper wishlist). Don't think it hasn't occurred to me--I've already got Moveable Type installed anyway, and will likely shoehorn a wishlist into that if no satisfactory solution presents itself in this thread.

and doesn't lock people into a vendor.

No wishlist locks people into a vendor. I've had people buy stuff for me that was on my Amazon wishlist which was not purchased from Amazon many times. That does raise youhas's point about it not showing up as purchased, but that's not so much of a concern for me.
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