Grilling in DC sans permits?
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Where can we grill outdoors, in a park-setting, in DC or Arlington -- without permits or law enforcement getting involved?

We're dying to grill outside tomorrow, and live rather close to Rock Creek Park, but it appears one needs a permit in advance to do any grilling there. On further inspection, most parks in DC don't allow it, and it would take all the fun out of it to be looking over our shoulders while trying to enjoy the outdoors.

So where can we go that we *don't need a permit* and can just show up and tailgate / grill out?

We're even considering crashing some kids' soccer game if we can just join the sidelines and start grilling.

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Here's a list of parks in Arlington. The ones with the smoking grill icon are the ones you want!
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interesting - candyland: i'm working some google-map magek now to see which places will work, thanks for the link. i do wonder whether anyone cares at these parks if we just show up and start grilling, though. it doesn't seem to be explained anywhere on the site.

elle.jeezy: we may just give Rock Creek a try - do you know if we're allowed to bring out own grill, or must one use only the existing ones?
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you can bring your own grill. no one cares if you just show up. you just got there first. we used to go to rock creek all the time, esp. up by military road. also, the picnic areas along the canal are nice too.
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get there early. you have to be out at dark, i think. you can try to get there late and grill 'til closing; we did that alot. ymmv depending on the location. look for places off the beaten rock creek path.
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