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NYC suburban parking help? [mi]

My parents are visiting from Dec. 21-27, and staying in a midtown hotel. They will be driving, however, and are looking for a relatively cheap, safe, convenient place to park outside the city. Park-n-rides or access to public transportation are preferred. (I once parked at a hotel's parking lot near Newark airport, and that worked well, but I think that's a lot more expensive than it used to be.)
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you might try to "indoor" parking just across the street from the Journal Square Path Station in Jersey City. Hoboken is probably a bit more expensive. By the way, is long-term airport parking where you were? I thought it was cheap.
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You can't beat NY Waterway parking at Port Imperial. About 10 minutes from the Lincoln Tunnel on simple to navigate directions is a very safe, very large well lit lot. A ferry runs every 20 minutes to midtown ( by the Javitz center ) , is $6 each way with a crosstown bus waiting on the other side for you.

Oh, parking is $9/day.

I live in Hoboken, parking is atrocious and lot rates are bordering on extortion, please do not bring any more cars here, seriously, it's a fucking nightmare as it is. Port Imperial (or the Weekawken alernative) is 4 miles north.
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I am going to piggyback on this question a little bit, and ask for one of these on the NY/Connecticut side. It seems like they have plenty of ways to park in NJ and take the bus or PATH or whatever over, but that's really out of the way from here.
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Response by poster: (by the way, these recommendations are great; keep 'em coming!) And I wouldn't mind hearing recommendations for the NY/CT side either -- it doesn't have to be NJ, but it would be great if it were convenient.
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If you could locate a parking garage near New Haven's MetroNorth station,, it would probably be low-priced, and an easy hour into the City (closer towns would not be likely to have cheap and/or any and/or safe options).
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The garage at the Stamford Marriott, near the train station, is $7/day. I'm not sure if this requires validation or not - call ahead.
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White Plains has a lot of parking too, with a few big garages right by the station. (i have no clue on rates tho) There are express trains from there that only stop at 125th st. bef. grand central.
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There are lots of parking lots in Harrison, NJ, on the PATH line (one stop closer to the city than Newark, and more pleasant) that are around $6/day. Your folks can probably cut a deal and leave the car for the week, although the lots are not monitored overnight.

Another useful option is to leave the car at an airport; Newark Liberty has big new secure garages, and the monorail/AirTrain makes for easy transport to midtown.
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Coming in on the bus this weekend I notiiced the Port Authority has parking for $14 / day at the Bus Terminal.
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