Why is there an Intel advert in my downloads folder?
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Yesterday I found a mysterious mkv file in my Azureus downloads folder. I opened it and it turned out to be an advert for Intel. I promptly deleted it but it showed up again the next day. Has Intel started putting adverts in bittorrent files?
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I think Azureus/Vuze automatically downloads certain video files for its video browsing features. That's one of them.
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To clarify. It's Azureus doing it, not Intel directly.
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The answer is to use uTorrent.
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uTorrent is owned by BitTorrent. Grain of salt &c.
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Are you still seeding a bunch of torrents? If you delete a file on an active torrent from your torrents folder, of course it'll get replaced, because the torrent's not complete anymore. You can use that to figure out which torrent it was part of.
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Use BitTyrant instead. [wiki]
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