Custom Playing Cards
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I'm looking to make a couple couple custom decks of playing cards. Google returns a ton of companies that do this. Does anyone have any personal experience and recommendations? And, any idea on what I can expect to pay?
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My brother once made his own as a gift for someone.

He made die stamps of one heart, diamond etc, and then cut the cards from beautiful paper and stamped each one individually. Not sure if this suits your needs, but it was a beautiful deck!
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I don't have experience with them, but the geeks on board game geek rave about Artscow
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Best answer: I've also heard good things about PlainCard.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone.

greenish - that sounds VERY cool, but also a bit more than I'm looking to do for this specific project.

JonnyRotten - Great recommendation, but I need a bit more customization than they seem to offer.

jbickers - I just ordered four sets of blanks off their website. That seems to be almost exactly what I'm looking for, and I like that I can do them myself.
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