Online league score management: Does it exist?
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I'm running a website for a large kickball league this summer. I want to give the coaches and commissioners and easy way to input scores to the site after each game. It's a WordPress site, but hand editing would be a pain. Is there a free league management tool online anyone can recommend? is down, which was what I was going to use. Any ideas for team score management?

RSS and/or XML would be great, but not required.
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I have used Google Docs/Spreadsheets for this purpose.

Give the coach edit access to a spreadsheet, and then embed it in your page.

You can see an example of where I've done this here.

Not very sophisticated, but dead easy to get up and running.
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If you want to get fancy with google docs, you can set up a little form that updates the spreadsheet automatically: This guy did it for tracking his spending, but I imagine you could do something similar for scores.
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