Ethnic Jewelry in NYC?
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I'm looking for a store in New York City (Manhattan and Brooklyn, ideally) that sells ethnic and sterling silver jewelry. The store could have clothes, accessories, or art, but it should have a significant amount of jewelry for sale. Can anyone help me out? I'm of course googling on my own, but this is the kind of place you would know when you see it, and I can't walk all the streets of NYC. Thanks for any leads.
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MOMA design store pops to mind.
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The Brooklyn Flea Market might be a good place to hit up.
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The Sunday flea market at 77th and Columbus might be a place to look. The upper level of the main gift shop at the American Museum of Natural history has a jewelry selection. I haven't been there yet, but the Museum of Arts and Design at Columbus Circle might also fit the bill. Some of the vendors at the African market on 116th between Lenox and 5th sell jewelry.
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There's a store in Park Slope on 7th ave somewhere between 9th and 14th streets that has a lot of ethnic sterling jewelry in the window. If I remember correctly, it's either on the corner or near the corner and is on the west side of 7th ave. I haven't been in myself, but it might be worth a look if you're in the neighborhood.
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There are many, many Indian jewelers near the Jackson Heights subway. Try off 74th street.
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Faithos may be thinking of "Sterling Place":

I thought of Extraordinary, further north and on 5th Ave. in the Slope:
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I don't think it's the same place Faithos is talking about but The Clay Pot on 7th Avenue in Brooklyn carries a fair amount of sterling silver jewelry, and an assortment of handmade jewelry, crafts and housewares.
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Can I ask what kind of ethnic jewelry you have in mind? There are at least a few stores in Manhattan specializing in jewelry and textiles from Tibet, others that specialize in Native American jewelry, and I know of a good place for Mexican jewelry on the upper east side.
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Two places for Mexican jewelry and crafts:
Panama Phoenix uptown and
La Sirena downtown.
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For Tibetan jewelry, crafts and textiles:
a google search for "tibet manhattan" turns up several stores,
and the Rubin Museum has a terrific gift shop.
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There's this great Afrikan jewlery and accessories place on the right hand side of the block when you are walking down St. marks place AWAY from astor place. I think it's near where Dojo used to be. Also near a falafel place if I recall. They have silver jewlery and the like.
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I think the place Faithos is talking about is El Milagro. It's decent, but not "schlep out just to go there" good.
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Long ago when dinosaurs walked the earth, there was a store called C'est Magnifique on MacDougal Street. It was packed with weird and interesting jewelry of all stripes (window case used to have lots of glass-eye rings). I'm talking about like 20 yrs ago. Google shows it on the map, but I can't vouch for reality. Still and all, give it a shot.
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There's a store on the south side of 17th St (btw 5th Ave & Broadway) in Manhattan that has a great selection of ethnic and silver jewlery. They also have beads, fabrics, clothing, furniture. I haven't been there for a while and hope it is still open!
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