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Need a template for a facilitator's guide I'm creating.

Does anyone know of an online template for me to use with a facilitator's guide I'm creating for a program to be used with high school students? It doesn't have to be free.
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Do you mean so you can create a website or more like a manual? What exactly do you mean by a facilitator's guide?
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Response by poster: I'm sorry - I meant so that I can create a manual. I would just like something that is uniform in display so that I can just fill in the blanks with my information and procedures, and I'm drawing a blank on Google. Thanks!
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I write a lot of facilitator guides; sometimes I use existing templates, sometimes I make them. A couple of questions...
What software will you use to build it? Are you asking for a Word template?
What types of information will you include in the guide? Are there standard sections you will have in multiple modules? Will have an introduction, learning objectives, and such in each section or is it one giant document?

Assuming you are working in Word (which I realize is a faulty assumption) you may be able to search for templates for user guides or other types of reference documents if you're looking for a "look and feel" like fonts, sizes, and layout. Even the Microsoft site has lots to offer. Failing that, templates aren't difficult to build either.
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