Help me launch my boat
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I've nearly completed building my first boat and would like to get it in the water. I know that I can take my boating license online, but how do I get a "hull number" or some sort of registration for the boat (assuming this is needed)? I am located in Toronto, Ontario.
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Pleasure Craft Licenses are required if your boat has an engine equal to or more powerful than 10hp (inboard or outboard).

Otherwise if your vessell is large enough to be covered by the Canada Shipping Act (did you build it in your backyard, or your own drydock?) you'd need a different kind of registration from Transport Canada.

If neither of these apply you can still get a Pleasure Craft registration for kicks, but you don't have to.

All Pleasure Craft registrion is now done by Service Canada (follow the link above).

(DO NOT follow old advice or information that will lead you to your nearest Canada Customs aka CBSA port, as they are no longer the agency in charge of Pleasure Craft licenes, since about 2006.)
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If I go with less than a 10hp engine (which will work fine on this little boat), can I skip registration altogether?
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not sure about canada but down here, my research is that the coast guard is the place to go to get your boat certified and a hull number assigned. If you will make more it is also easy to get boatbuilder status and a series of hull numbers determined by date and your unique numbers
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Are you sure you need one? Usually only boats that are above a certain size or are being used in certain fisheries need to be registered.

fyi- I'd recommend doing a dry run without the engine first and leaving it in the water for an hour or two. If it turns out that it doesn't float it's going to be a heck of a lot easier to get it off the bottom.
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Thanks tiamat -- looks like there's a service centre just a few blocks from me!
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You'll probably find the info you need through the Power Squadron
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yea - I just looked, and as of sept 15, everyone will need a PCO card, not just those operating under 10 hp. My brother used to have a boat like your, and had a 9.8hp mercury on it. man that was fun.
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Yeah, the PCOC card is easy, I can get that online. Thanks again everyone.
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