How to learn Hebrew in the Boston area?
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My daughter, a first-year college student, wants to learn Hebrew, but doesn't want to take it at college. Any thoughts on whether it's better to take an on-line course or to take an instructor-led course? And are there any good resources, preferably in the northwest area of Boston? She speaks French pretty well, so she's had some experience in learning languages. We'd appreciate any advice.
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You may want to try Rosetta Stone software.
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Campus Hillel associations usually have free Arabic and Hebrew courses. I'd highly suggest taking a class over using software unless your daughter is abnormally dedicated and focused. It can be tough starting out in a language (especially a semitic one) without the social support of classmates.
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I'm not Jewish but even up here in New Hampshire my impression is that temples often offer Hebrew courses, as far as resources go.
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Might also look into a seminary. Not sure of their classes are open enrollment though.
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A temple is your best bet. You can also go online but you won't learn nearly as fast. The course at the temple is worth the money. Bracha vehazlaha.
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Why doesn't she want to take it at the college? University classes are one of the best ways to learn a language, from my experience. Why on earth pay extra when you can take advantage of an opportunity you're already paying for? Is she really going to have extra time outside of her normal classes to keep the motivation required to learn a language? You also can take advantage of office hours to chat up the teachers, why waste that chance? My suggestion is to take it alongside her other classes. Seeking outside the university really makes little sense given the information you've provided.
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Even though she is northwest of the city, surely she could check out some resources through Brandeis University in Waltham. I'd bet she could even find a personal tutor through their auspices.
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