Where should I watch the Champions League Final in Baton Rouge?
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What's the best place to watch the UEFA Champions League Final in Baton Rouge?

Well, my plans to watch the CL Final in New Orleans have pretty much been scrapped. So I'm looking for a good place to watch it in Baton Rouge. I watched the 2007 CL Final at McCormack's in Manhattan - I know I won't get that atmosphere in the Big Raggedy, but I don't want to end up at a Bennigan's asking them to stop changing the channel over to Divorce Court during stoppages.

So, if you can, recommend a place that will be showing it (that is important), with a good beer selection, a large number of high definition televisions, and hopefully an energetic group of folks watching it - don't want to be that one guy screaming at the TV.

Some internal recommendations have been Ivar's (I watched last year, it was OK but the game was nearly pre-empted by an LSU baseball game), Chelsea's, Fox & Hound, Champpppps, Schlitz & Giggles. I'd like your ideas and recommendations why you think that way.
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Going to second this, heck, we'll make it a meetup?
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Response by poster: Ab-so-lutely.
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