Medieval flash game
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Looking for a flash game from a few years ago that was a kind of top-down view of battles, where you set your army up in formation at one side of a grid, and command them to do different tasks. The enemy is at the other side of the grid. IIRC it was medieval-esque, but possibly as you progressed through the game, you might have traveled forward through time as well.

An example of the genre - although not the game in question - is here (and screenshot here)
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Kingdom Elemental Tactics?
posted by krisak at 7:47 AM on May 20, 2009

Woops, that's not a Flash game. Did it involve archers? (Thinking maybe Bowmaster Prelude?)
posted by krisak at 7:49 AM on May 20, 2009

Response by poster: It may well have involved archers. I'm still hazy on the details, but it was birds eye view, and fairly basic graphics.
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Wouldn't be Bowmaster, then, that was side view. Was it real time, or turn based? Was the grid actually visible, or implied?
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Response by poster: I'm almost certain it was turn based, and the grid was much like the one seen in the similar screen shot in my post
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That sounds like 50 games that I've played over the past few years. Was there anything unique about it?
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Age of War?
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Sorry, that's not it if it's top-down. The time travel part caught my eye.

(Age of War is really fun, FWIW.)
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Response by poster: The only thing really unique about it was that it looked like the game and the screenshot I linked to. Basically, I'm looking for a game that looks like the one I linked to.

Oh, and Age of War is great, thanks!
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Was it that StrongBad game? BURNINATE!
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Was it something like Monster's Den?
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Best answer: Finally found it, after going through all the game sites I've ever visted and looking at the game lists.

It's the Genghis Khan game found here.

You don't travel through time, but you do conquer Asia!

Thanks for the help though
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