How to save emails offline and maintain a good organizational system?
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OutlookFilter: we've been instructed to clean out our work e-mail. My co-worker has been using her e-mail as an effective filing system. Is there a way that she can both a) download the emails to her hard drive and b) maintain an interface that allows her to organize the e-mails by date, subject, sender, etc.?

I know how to download e-mail and folders from outlook and view them offline -- but is there a way to stop the folders from syncing up with the folders on the server? That is, is there a way to download folders that are purely offline folders and view them within Outlook?

I'm open to any solution that involves both freeing up space on the e-mail server and allowing this co-worker to maintain access to a pleasing user interface and organization system. I'd prefer not to download additional software, but would be open to it. Thanks!
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Move them to a local .pst file. It's a local Outlook file and not connected to the server.
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Under the file menu you will find import and export commands. From the Export menu item you will see the .pst option.
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Best answer: If she Acrobat Professional available to her, Acrobat can create a indexed, searchable PDF of all emails in a particular folder into one PDF with just a couple of clicks. The resulting PDF archive contains a cover page listing all emails and you also can include all attachments within the PDF. More information/screenshots here. It's a little used feature of Acrobat that really comes in handy.
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Note that the personal folders will not be available through webmail or the exchange servers. I'm not saying that to discourage the personal folder idea (that's what I do myself), but if she needs to access those emails remotely it can be a problematic solution.
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