Like I Need Another Hole In My Head.
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No Insurance-Filter: I suspect I need some minor dental work done, where can I get it done cheaply and quickly in NYC? Caveat: No Insurance, but some savings.

I've heard horror stories about NYU Dental school, but I've gone to Dental Schools for cleanings and minor work all through childhood without a problem (No Cavities! ever!), is it really that bad?

Anyone know a decent dentist in the metro area or know where I can find one?
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Best answer: I've had wonderful experiences at Norman Dental Associates. They were compassionate and reasonable with me about my lack of insurance at the time.
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My friend had a very good (and cheap) experience at NYU dental school.
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Response by poster: Any idea what the costs are at NYU or Norman? Sorry, I fail at being an adult.
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second norman dental associates! dr erin teague and dr juliana yun are very nice. they don't deal with insurance and cost much less as a result; also they only take cash or checks.
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i can't remember exactly how much cleaning cost, but i think it was about $150 or so for cleaning + x-rays.
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Response by poster: Good News: Normal Dental Associates is a wonderfully polite, clean, brightly-lit office with helpful nurses and dentists.

Bad News: Not so cheap! Turns out my wisdom teeth gotta go. I guess not going to the dentist for almost 7 years has caught up with me. Ah well.
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Response by poster: Lia: I got Dr. Teague!
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Response by poster: Oh! And they accept credit cards now, FYI
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