How to expat myself and my family?
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I'm 35, an attorney, and married with 3 children, and want to move myself and my family to Europe (preferably Germany) for the experience. My preference is to work for the U.S. Government overseas, as that seems the easiest transition, but positions are not easy to come by. Any ideas?
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Best answer: Have you thought about become a Foreign Service Officer?
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My dad moved my entire family to Germany for a couple of years when I was in elementary school. He was a research scientist. Any chance you are interested in academia?
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You could be a Judge Advocate for the US military. According to Wikipedia, there are judge advocates stationed in Germany and it requires a law degree.
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Not sure if this helps in your case but Obama's management agenda will soon include hiring a couple hundred thousand federal employees (he'll want to reduce outsourcing/ contracting) so maybe more opportunities will present themselves in the near future.
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You didn't mention the type of legal work you have experience in or what your foreign language proficiencies are, but you might try investigating legal positions at the Hague and its many tribunals. Not Germany, but you can almost see it from there. They have postings online and job requirements.
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Response by poster: Thought about FSO, and am looking into taking the exam.
Interested in academia, but will have to look into the available market for teaching/research with a JD form an American University in Europe or in American Universities offering classes in Europe.
Judge Advocate: Been there; done that.
Hope that the Obama agenda does open more up!
Thanks for the info on the Hague; I'll look into this.
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try working for a consulting firm that has contracts in German. I know there are several with contracts in Stuutgard at the army base.
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