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Where should 5 or 6 people go in Chicago for birthday dinner/drinks this Saturday? Some of us are not yet of legal drinking age. Further requirements/preferences inside.

My boyfriend's birthday is on Saturday, and we would like to go out for dinner and drinks with some friends. Two of the party are < 21. We're not necessarily looking for places that won't card; we just want to all be able to get in! The boyfriend likes Scotch; all of us are fond of good beer. (Yes, we're considering the Duke of Perth but would also like other suggestions.)

Additionally, I like the idea of sitting outside, and would like to avoid a place with television screens if at all possible.

Where can 5 or 6 people find good grub, good booze, and a great space to linger and laugh?
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The Duke of Perth has an outside seating area. free of TV screens etc. That sounds perfect for your needs. Otherwise, the Fireside resturant up in Ravenswood is pretty good, although they are not, like the duke, known for their Scotch. The Goose Island brew-pub is also pretty surefire for beer, food and parking. No outdoor that I know of.
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Duke of Perth was going to be my first suggestion. and chips....What about Twin Anchors in Lincoln Park? It can get crowded, but my guess would be DOP will also be packed on a weekend. I think there's one TV screen in the front bar part but none in the back room the last time I was there. I can't remember if it has outdoor seating.

I've never been to Hopleaf in Andersonville but I've heard good things. You may want to double check on weekend carding, though.
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Never mind, Hopleaf cards for entry. Bad vetting on my part.
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Hopleaf does card at the door, but they also have a separate dining room in the back. If you tell them you are there for dinner, I believe people less than 21 years of age are allowed in. If you choose this route, though, probably best to call ahead to check on that policy (might be moot after a certain hour, e.g.).

No TVs, but no outside seating. Very popular bar, so it gets crowded, sometimes early.

Not a scotch bar, but El Cid in Logan Square is a great Mexican restaurant with a phenomenal backyard dining space.
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