What everyday objects can I turn into nifty bracelets?
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My girlfriend really likes bracelets made from ordinary objects. She has a fork bracelet and a bike chain bracelet already. What are other objects that I could turn into bracelets for her? Or, alternatively, what are some cool Etsy shops that make cool bracelets out of everyday stuff?

She likes them to be thick enough to cover a (fairly small) scar on her wrist, so nothing that only wraps partially around (or that's super thin).
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Best answer: knitting needles (if that's her sort of thing), or maybe a spoon to go with the fork?
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A big nail.
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Best answer: Electronics!
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Typewriter keys.
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My daughter made a few bracelets out of safety pins and beads that are kinda cool. Similar to these.
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You can mold a toothbrush under hot water!
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Also, camera lenses.
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You know what I think would be really cool? A little dictaphone cassette somehow suspended on a leather cord or bracelet.
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I also had the electronics idea.... multiple coloured wires attached to a small alligator clip that would work as the fastener....like little jumper cables around her wrist :o)
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Shains are very cool, designed with kids in mind, made from recycled stuff! You can put different messages on them.

She might be inspired by this bottle cap bracelet, these plastic bag bracelets and these cool charm bracelets made from "retro" stuff.
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Best answer: Strip down some flex from a power cord - nice braided copper core and you can expose the outer, inner, and copper layers as you please to create something nice.
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In a slightly different vein, Green Kangaroo makes resin jewelry with all sorts of fun stuff in it...like sprinkles!
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I know it only wraps partly around, but my GF has a penny bracelet like this that I think is pretty cool.
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I made a soda can tab belt a few years ago - you could easily make a shorter version for a bracelet, perhaps with stretchy cord so it slips over the wrist.
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I've seen belts made from old seat belts. Maybe a thick wrist cuff done the same could work? I don't think it would be much more uncomfortable than a large watch.
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all the strings from a guitar wrapped around each other
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BUTTONS! More buttons!
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Best answer: To piggy back on nadawi's suggestion, I've always loved these guitar string bracelets used by rockstars. A little pricey, but the money goes to a good cause, at least in part.
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In college, back in the olden days of the mid-80s, we made bracelets out of fishing lures.
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Check out Individual Icons. I have one of her ruler bracelets and love it. She might like some of the earrings and necklaces there too, if she likes all kinds of jewelery made from everyday objects.
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Seconding yellowbinder; when I was in junior high I scoured the kid`s toothbrushes at Walmart for some super cute ones with Sesame Street characters on them, yanked out the bristles with pliers, and dunked them in boiling water. Then you just bend them to fit your wrist size. Very durable too.
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Vinyl record cuffs
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tea-cups or mugs! cut them into slices, then you have bangles.
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Measuring tape
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Cassette tape!

I think this was posted somewhere on MetaFilter not long ago...
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Best answer: Barbie pieces!

She's also on Etsy.
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Response by poster: Excellent suggestions all! I marked the ones that I thought were coolest/most possible for me to make.
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