Videos of plays?
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Is there an archive somewhere that has films of specific productions of plays?

I'm not sure if most productions even get filmed, but it strikes me that some of the broadway plays must.

Specifically what I'm looking for is a video of the 1993 production of Angels in America in NYC, I think at the Kerr Theater (which does have a small archive of video clips from recent past productions). But really any pointers on where to look for films of plays in general would be helpful.
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In fact, the building I am sitting right now houses The Billy Rose Theater Collection part of the New York Public Library system. the collection includes the TOFT--Theater on film Tape Archive more here.
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What Duck_Lips said. When I went there to see a video, you needed to have a legitimate research reason to see the film you were going to see (which I did), usually either that you're doing a production or writing a paper, but they didn't give me a hard time about it.
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The Lincoln Center library has a good collection, but it's not open to the public. If you're a researcher, writer, or maybe involved with a production, you may be able to watch somebod them.
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Wow, I had no idea these things were kept under such tight wraps. Thanks for the suggestions.
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Just FYI, the Billy Rose Theater Collection does indeed have the recording you're looking for.
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Just for reference: The V&A's Theatre Collection records notable productions in the UK. You can search for titles at the video project site.
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