Where to go around SF in a Rental Car?
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I'm vacationing in San Francisco, and I have a rental car that gets returned tomorrow morning. What things outside SF should I go check out?

I will be in SF for the rest of week, so I have plenty of time to check out the things in the city. Oh, and I've already been to Muir Woods.
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The Presidio and Golden Gate Park (museums, if that's your thing, and the Japanese Tea Garden).
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Drive north up Highway 1. Gorgeous.
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Stinson Beach
Napa Valley

Santa Cruz?
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Or, drive south on 1, stop at the tidepools at Moss Beach, then continue south to Santa Cruz, walk on the boardwalk, play arcade games, eat ice cream, etc.
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Oh, on the way back hook off 1 onto 84 , stop in Redwood City and have dinner in the Little Mexico area.
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Half Moon Bay! I second Santa Cruz, Napa, Monterey, and Stinson Beach
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It's looking pretty foggy today, but I'd still recommend a coast drive. Option one is north - make sure you take the Marin Headlands detour and go up Conzleman, out to the Pt Bonita lighthouse, and out to Rodeo Beach. Then drive all the way up to Point Reyes, with a stop in Pt Reyes Station, and check out the visitor center.
Option two is south, with stops along the way - Moss Beach, Ano Nuevo, the lighthouse, etc. - down to Santa Cruz or even Monterey. Alternate route back through the mission town with the bell tower made famous in Vertigo, the name of which I will remember 5 seconds after I post this.
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A drive to wine country? Sonoma or Napa.
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Do exactly the first option that gingerbeer said. Can't go wrong with that.
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San Juan Bautista. That's the name of the town.
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If you choose the driving south route, make sure you go to the Monterey Aquarium! It's really amazing and totally worth it, even if you're not really into aquariums. Go look at the otters, and touch a gumboot chiton, and learn about sustainable seafood. OH AND THE JELLYFISH! I also like the big huge fish, I forget the names, but they're about as big as a pickup truck and weigh a few tons.

If you go to wine country, I'd recommend dinner at the Girl and the Fig Cafe if you're in Sonoma. One of my perennial faves. (I can chime back in with winery suggestions, particularly Napa, if you wanna go that route.)
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Ay gingerbeer has a great suggestion, it can be pretty even on foggy days. I'd actually push it even a bit further north after point reyes up to Tomales Bay for some oysters (not that much further north).
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It looks like the fog may be burning off at mid-day (the usual weather pattern around here). If you're still reading this and want more directions, post or memail me.
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not to derail, but how come no one ever recommends visiting things that are to the east of SF? having never been to CA, I'm probably missing something obvious about the area that makes a day trip east a dumb idea... it's zombies, isn't it?
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I enjoy Berkeley and Oakland (east of SF), but you can get there on public transit, so I guess I never would have thought to recommend them! :)

In the spirit of giving some east bay recommendations, I'd suggest hiking Mt. Diablo (a car is needed) and eating somewhere in the Gourmet Ghetto in Berkeley and wandering around campus (no car needed.)
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All good options.

To the east, and to answer jrishel's question, you could pass through the sprawling suburbs of the East Bay and head towards Mt. Diablo or the Sacramento River Delta.

Both are interesting and attractive in their own rights, but not nearly as interesting or attractive as Pt. Reyes/Marin, Napa/Sonoma, or Monterey/Santa Cruz. When a person is in town and has a car for one day, no one would every recommend they venture east unless that person wanted to go fishing for 6-foot sturgeon in the Sacramento River.
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There's nothing wrong with east - the East Bay hills have lots of good hikes - but nothing as spectacular as the drives up or down the coast. You have to drive all the way to the Sierras for the good stuff. Or at least the Sierra foothills.

Also the zombies in Stockton
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Monterrey aquarium!
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Muir woods: http://www.nps.gov/muwo
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Drive Devil's Slide before the tunnel opens and you can't anymore.
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