good wireless headphones to buy
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What set of wireless headphones should I buy? Bonus points if it's feasible to carry the transmitter in my pocket for use with my iPod.

I'm not looking to break the bank buying headphones here, but am willing to spend for quality. A small and portable transmitter would also be cool, but not a necessity.
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You know, honestly and I don't mean to be raining on any parades, but I've never been happy with wireless headphones personally.

I don't know what "breaking the bank" is, but people are usually shocked by how much I've spend on headphones. My current wireless headphone are Sennheiser RS 65 (link is to headroom, where I bought a couple pair of headphones and my headphone amp from). They aren't that bad, but I only use them when I really need the wirelessness. You're not gonna carry the transciever. It needs to be plugged in and is kinda big. No bonus points for me.
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I use Sennheiser's RS 45 (similar to the 65 linked above) and am pretty happy with them. Again, the transmitter is by no means portable (and uses mains power, so forget it.)

The quality's pretty good but I use the wired headphones for critical things. And you can get much better sound from a $10 pair of wired headphones than from any wireless set I've heard.

I haven't seen any wireless phones really made for portability before. I wouldn't be surprised if cheap Bluetooth transmitters/phones become available in the not-too-distant future, though.
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Portable wireless (bluetooth) headphones exist, but don't necessarily work with an iPod.
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I agree with the above posters that wireless headphones for the ipod are as yet not ready for primetime. In terms of looking for a solution to the general problem of walking around with your ipod and a mile and a half of cord wrapping itself around your scarf/backpack strap/trachea, I've always liked this idea.
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