Songs similar to Diva Dance?
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Please recommend music that is similar in style (as close as possible and working outward from there) to the song Diva Dance from the movie The Fifth Element. I would particularly enjoy similar opera, if that exists. Be sure to recommend groups/bands/singers and, if possible, specific songs as examples. Here is the Diva Dance video for comparison: Thank you very much!
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i assume you've already checked out other performances of the song that directly proceeds that (and flows into it - the diva dance seems to mean the techno part of the opera performance, so i assume you want more info about the opera itself as you asked about opera) -

il dolce suono. it's from the opera lucia di lammermoor - and you've heard another piece of music from that opera (assuming you've seen beetlejuice), when winona ryder writes the suicide note. wiki has a lot more info on the whole opera and the soprano that does the singing.

a good start, if nothing else.
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also, according to the linear notes, eric serra helped rework the opera for the diva dance - you might also enjoy the music of Leon (the professional) or Nikita (la femme nikita).
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Row row, fight the powah!
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I don't think this is spot on, but I'm always reminded of the 5th Element opera song when I listen to Soto Mundo by 2 Bit Pie.
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Are you after a combination of operatic singing and contemporary music?

If so Cirque Du Soleil does this sort of thing quite often.


There are probably even better examples out there (e.g. the closing songs for each show).
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You would also enjoy, probably, the techno opera remix Eric Whitacre is doing of Paradise Lost
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Check out Operatica - an opera-techno crossover group from ten years back or so. Pretty much exactly the same schtick as the Fifth Element performance.
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Nightwish has some material that's very similar. This is the best I could come up with off the top of my head.
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You might want to check out Aria; they mix opera and techno pretty effectively.
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