Will a paper bag protect my potted plants (herbs and flowers) from frost?
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Will a paper bag protect my potted plants (herbs and flowers) from frost?

We've got a frost warning for tonight and of course, I've already planted all of my Spring herbs, veggies, and flowers. I've read that a bedsheet will work and I plan to use that with my herbs and tomatoes that are planted in a nice row on my deck. However, I have a couple of freestanding pots here and there (2 on the front porch, 3 more on the deck but separate from the others) that are too small for covering with a sheet. These pots are all small enough that I could easily fit an inverted paper bag over them without smushing the plants. Will a paper (grocery) bag protect them from frost, or should I use something else?
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It should be fine. Really, if they're near a building they'll probably stay warm enough without a covering, but a paper bag will protect it from wind chill if it gets windy. I usually just line all my pots up against the house and just worry about covering bed plants that can't be moved.
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Frost? Yep, should be fine.

If it were a hard frost, however, I'd go for something else. Black plastic, for instance.
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And by "hard frost," I really meant "hard freeze."
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Yes. Make sure everything is well watered.
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Thanks guys! Best answers all around. The plants aren't really next to the house - they're against the far deck railing, and the deck is a full story off the ground, so I'd rather not chance it.

Oh, and they've all been well watered. It seems like we've had non-stop rain here lately. The plants are all doing so well I'd hate to see them die now!
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We're worried about our garden in Boston, too... Gotta love spring weather!
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You can make protective cloches from soda bottles, too. Then they're reusable, and they let the sunshine in on those chilly late-spring days.
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