stopzilla is teh devil
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i want to remove stopzilla from my pc it just will not let its self be removed from add remove programs... i got the annoying spalsh to go away but i think its still there

preety much all i had to say was said
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Or Spybot Search & Destroy. When it comes to anti-spyware, Malwarebytes is quite good but one has to pay close attention to make certain it doesn't mis-identify something useful as being harmful.

But this seems like a removal problem. In this case, I would download and install Revo-uninstaller. It is quite reputable, free, and far superior to Windows' add/remove tool.
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Whilst I'm all in favour of using SS&D and other alternatives, sometimes it pays to do a full reinstall of your OS especially if you've been having other problems with your computer (viruses/general slowness, etc).
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