Feminist sci-fi novel featuring psychic hunting animals written b/t 2001 and 2004?
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Feminist science fiction novel written between 2001 and 2004, featuring (IIRC) women with psychic connections to their hunting mount animals. I believe the title is a combination of a few letters at the beginning, then a three- or four-digit number, like NNN-####. What is the title?

Also, I think the novel starts with a flashback to an attempted rape. At the time, the book read to me like a bad fever dream, and I didn't finish it. Now I want to take another crack at it. I've scoured the Locus Mag title lists and other web resources; the closest thing I've found is The Kanshou but I'm pretty sure that's not it.
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Dreamsnake by Vonda MacIntyre, maybe (doesn't match your remembered title but I recommend it whenever I can because it's a great little book). Psychic connection to animals, yes but I don't recall them being hunting animals. I assume you've ruled out the Pern novels, which have psychic connection to hunting mounts as a central theme.
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Ooops, both books way older. RTFP, nax.
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Grass. Sheri Tepper. Not new at all, but it sounds like what you describe. A non-earth planet, Horse-like mounts, psychic connections. if it's not the book you're looking for, I recommend it anyway.
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Seconding Grass by Sheri Tepper. I just reread this last month -- great book.
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I also immediately thought of Grass.
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Best answer: Pretty sure it's PDU-1 by Fred E. Potts. You should definitely finish reading it! It's awesome!!
(I think it first came out as a pdf. But now that I know there's a hardcopy, I'll be ordering it shortly.)
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Response by poster: That's it. I guess it was written just a bit earlier than I thought. Thank you, ObscureReferenceMan.
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