Seeking the perfect lakeside cabin in the Adirondacks for my Honeymoon.
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Looking to rent a lakeside cabin in the Adirondacks this August for a week-long honeymoon get-away. Overwhelmed by the size of the 'dacks and seeking recommendations for a romantic, yet affordable area with great scenery and access to a variety of outdoor activities.

- We are both down-to-earth types so the amenities can be scarce (but still comfortable);
- Privacy is important
- Proximity to a downtown type area with a few dining options would be nice but not entirely necessary
- Definitely interested in hiking, canoeing, kayaking, biking, etc.
- Our budget is capped around $1500 for the week, although if it was the perfect place, we might consider going slightly higher.

Any specific or general suggestions from more experienced travelers would be greatly appreciated!
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I stayed in the Adirondacks with friends a few summers ago for several weeks. I loved the area around the St. Regis Lakes and Paul Smiths, which seemed a nice private area, with lots of opportunities for the sports you mentioned, and the hiking is fantastic.

Also it was fairly close to Saranac Lake and Lake Placid which were both good places to get something to eat. There was an especially good pizza place in Placid, and a great fishfood restaurant too, but I can't remember their names.

I loved it there.
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You might try Home Away or Vacation Rental By Owner as useful resources. We have used both ( as have friends )and found them very reliable and accurate. The filtering on Home Away is outstanding ( easy to zero in on the property you want ) VRBO has a wider cross section of rentals. Have the honeymoon you hope for.
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Home Away is UK based--please note dates are day/month/year and prices are in GBP--if you click through to the actual listing and pictures the rates are in USD. I am confident you can find a very desirable rental. If water front is important to you, you can filter by water front on first cut and then work backwards. Also possible to sort by price.
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A friend of mine has a lodge a bit further north, in New Hampshire, that is regularly available:

"Whip-Poor-Will Lodge, built by JW "Doc" Goodwin in 1905, is a five bedroom camp on Lake Winnipesaukee's South Wolfeboro Bay for his family to spend the hot summer months while living in town the rest of the year."
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Wakanda. Specifically, the Loon Cabin.
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I suggest Inlet. Check the lodging links. I have stayed at Holl's Inn and the Wood's Inn. Recommend Fourth (4th) Lake rather than 6th. Also, there are some private houses for rent around Inlet and my favorite, Raquette Lake. Click on lodging. I have not stayed in this house, but know it from the outside. Good location.
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Oh yes, is great. I've rented a couple dozen places through them, and only one was problematic. Most of the others were actually superior to what the ad on the website suggested. I've rented through vrbo in the U.S., France, Italy, Morocco, and Canada. Fabulous site.
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