Best Man Planning Bachelor Party For Brother!
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Bachelor Party Help! Where are some great restaurants in Hoboken, NJ and NYC that are ideal for a Bachelor Party outing? What about Bar or Lounge locations in NYC that would be ideal?

I'm the Best Man for my brother's wedding next month. I'm planning a Bachelor Party and I've never done this before. My brother is a little bit older, (he's 40), so it's not going to be that classic Tom Hanks affair at a strip club etc.

The night will be comprised of 2 halves, an everybody dinner out likely in Hoboken possibly at:

-Zylo steakhouse in the brand new W Hotel in Hoboken
-Ruth Chris Steakhouse in Weekhawken
-BLT Steak (at AOL Time Warner Building on Columbus Circle)

Any other recommendations for great eateries in the local Hoboken or NYC area?

After dinner the 2cd half of the bachelor party is going to be a little more for the younger crowd and off to a bar or lounge. Something similar to Hogs and Heifers or Coyote Ugly type bars. I've been thinking of:

-McSorelys (kind of a sausage fest not first on my list)
-Coyote Ugly

I don't know NYC very well or spots that would be considered hot for a guy's bachelor party. Any suggestions would be most appreciated on how to make his bachelor party extra-awesome.

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Johnny Utah's has a mechanical bull.
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Coyote Ugly has a perpetual (seriously, EVERY night) smell of vomit, and the girls are not that attractive, so I'd skip it. As for dinner, it's on the other side of manhattan, and rather pricey, but Peter Luger's would fit the bill. Also, there are Ruth Chris' steakhouses in Manhattan as well. Hope that helps a bit, have fun!
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I live VERY close to the Weehawken waterfront, and I can honestly say Ruth Chris is very lacking compared to the great New York steakhouses.

For a fun idea, in the theater district there is Brazilian all-you-can-eat riodizio steakhouse,
where they'll bring 15-18 types of meats to the table on long skewers and carve small portions for each person.

I've gone with two different groups of traders in the past, and for a 'guys night' it was truly fun.
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Lived in the 'boken for 5 years, used to run past that Ruth Chris 5 times a week. Great view but there's better steak to be had.

In Hoboken:

Not much good steak to be had. Brass Rail is pretty meh, and there's always Arthur's for a big, low-cost, medium-quality steak. Bars - for the age/demographic/vibe you describe you'd probably like one of the following:

Black Bear

10th and Willow
Texas Arizona

In Manhattan:

In my opinion the best steak on the island at the moment is to be had at Craftsteak. Del Frisco's is always a solid bet, as is Peter Luger's - mentioned above but all the way over in Brooklyn. Others you may want to investigate include the Strip House, BLT Prime, Sparks, and Keens.

There's about a billion bars you could pick from, but let's assume you go with Craftsteak and want something in walking distance - I'd recommend The Brass Monkey on Little West 12th. Fun multi-level bar with a younger crowd. Lots of other walkable options in the neighborhood.
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