The cost of dental care in Germany
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I need information regarding the German dental costs to non-resident European nationals, with a EU health card but no German health insurance.

My boyfriend has been experiencing varying forms of tooth and gum pain towards the back of his mouth (Wisdom Tooth area, he hasn't had them out yet), and this morning started spitting blood (NOT coughing blood, this is definitely mouth-related). I've been suggesting he see a dentist for a while, but he's heasitant because of the fact that we're both exchange students in Germany, and he doesn't have German health insurance, just the EU health card compulsory for all EU residents travelling within the EU. This card does not, as far as he knows, cover any dental costs, emergency or otherwise.

Does anyone know what the costs associated with a simple checkup would be? If something more major is required, he will fly back to England to have it done, on insurance, but I feel like he should get it checked ASAP.

Bonus questions: does anyone have an idea, if not wisdom teeth, of what this might be? How he can treat it in the short term?
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A checkup will be pretty cheap, even without insurance, less €50 IIRC. There's no reason for him to not get a checkup and fly back to the UK if he needs major work done.
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(1) He SHOULD contact his health insurance and ask whether they really do not cover any dental costs in Germany. It doesn't cost anything to ask about this. He can also go to the dentist and ask them about the costs. This won't cost him anything as well. You can call the local Zahnärztekammer and ask them for a dentist who can speak English.

(2) I think you are right and he SHOULD get checked ASAP. The standard fees for dentists are regulated in the Gebührenordnung für Zahnärzte (sorry only in German). According to this a standard checkup will cost him about 13 Euros. If they need to x-ray it, this will cost him about another 50 Euro.
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Response by poster: After much persuasion from both his mother and me, he finally decided to go to the dentist, who told him in no uncertain terms that it was his wisdome tooth and it had to be removed as soon as possible. The whole shebang, consultation and surgery included, will cost 10 euros, with a bit more added on for antibiotics.

Thanks for the help (and for helping me convince him to go)!
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Ok but in this case he probably has health insurance and only had to pay the 10 Euro Praxisgebühr (something you even have to pay as a German).
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