Motels in Del Rio Texas
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I need a little Motel help. Spending a week in Del Rio Texas, end of May to the 5th of July. How are the local motels, anyone have any recommendations on any of the chains or perhaps other options.
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Here you go.
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Yeah, I've been through Del Rio several times and it's a fairly large, if grimy, town with a fair amount of national chain representation in both hotels and restaurants. If money's not an object for you, then look for a balance between quality and proximity to the reason you'll be there. If you have some time to get a way, Amistad is just down the highway and has all kinds of canyons, hills, and other hike-able scenery plus a blue-water deep reservoir. Hope it's not too hot then!
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Spending a week in Del Rio Texas, end of May to the 5th of July

Yes, that's about how long a week feels in Del Rio.

It's been eight years since I was there, but my memory matches Burhanistan's -- you'll have the same menu of choices that you get in any similarly-sized city. That is, there isn't anything particularly local about the options.
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Well, a little more information would be helpful, such as your budget and your preferences when you travel. But, as it happens, I have a friend who works in the hotel industry who is actually working at one of the chains in Del Rio starting yesterday for the next ten days. If you let me know a bit more about what you're wanting/needing, I'd be happy to talk to him and get an insider's view of the hotels there.
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Thanks for the help- the old trip advisor pointed a decent chain my way: the reviews on some of the motels were hilarious"like a motel 6 without hookers etc" .
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