How clean is your house (or small apartment)
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Can anyone recommend a good one-time maid/cleaning service in Manhattan?

I want to give my soon-to-be-for-sale apartment a VERY thorough scrub down before I start showing it to prospective buyers. I was hoping someone could recommend a maid or cleaning service that will do an excellent one-time cleaning. My place is far from a disaster, but I want it to be SPARKLING!

I know some people might not want the secret of their very excellent cleaning person to get out, so if you just want to send me a message, I won't tell a soul!

If you could include a price range, or just a ballpark figure, that would be helpful too!

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I had New York Maids clean my rental before I moved out...if you have more than one bathroom, I would make sure to tell them beforehand to clean one at a time if you plan to be there.
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