Where to find extra large cloth for poker table?
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Poker table cloth fabric (velveteen or similar) that is larger than 60" wide?

I'm looking to build a poker table top/cover for our dining table, which is 60" by 60." I've been doing my research and don't think it would be too difficult to build, however I am having trouble finding a fabric that would cover that area and have room to go over the side and staple to the plywood's underside.

The largest I've found is 60" wide at this site, but I don't think that 60" alone is wide enough.

Can somebody recommend a place that sells velveteen (or something similarly suited for poker) online in sizes greater than 60" wide and/or point me in a direction for a local store in the South Denver/Denver area?

Many thanks in advance!
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Re-purposed drapery. This company does custom orders, so you might check with them on their bolt width in stock to assure no vertical seams.
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This place does 180cm width baize. Is that the type of fabric you're looking for?
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I used repurposed pool table felt.
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Best answer: I've done this with pool-table felt. Felt for a 10' pool table is cut 66" wide, so if 3" is enough to wrap and staple you should be able to order that. If you need bigger, felt for a regulation snooker table is cut 78" wide but is harder to find in the US and may only be available in expensive high-grade Simonis cloth.
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Do not, for any reason, use regular felt. I made this mistake, and within 20 minutes of my first poker game, the poker table was covered with felt balls. Spend the extra money for pool table felt.
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Can you do something creative, like adding some kind of edge, a padded leather or something to rest forearms whilst playing poker? That way it will look like you did it on purpose, and nobody will know you just didn't have enough felt.

On the other hand, bjork24 has a very good point.
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I meant to say a padded leather buffer.
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