Barber Shop in southwest Minneapolis.
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Looking for a Barber Shop in southwest Minneapolis. Must have straight razor shaving. Specifically I would like it to be in close proximity to Chanhassen MN, but I can travel up to 30mins for an exceptional location. I want to treat my groomsmen to a straight razor shave the morning of my wedding. If possible, a bar/barber shop combo would be fantastic.
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Consider Heimies Haberdashery in St. Paul, though it might not be as close as you'd like.
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Did you check at Dick's? I bet Dick and Gene can do it. Not sure about Dick's kids and the gang.
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Peter Kish @ Como Barber shop still does a great straight shave

it's a one man shop though, so plan accordingly
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I've gotta secnd Hemies Haberdashery since this is for an event and not everyday service. It's the gentlemanly place to go.
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Oh, and taking a walk tonight I noticed a Floyd's Barbershop opening in Uptown on Lake and Fremont.

I've never been, so I can't vouch, but the company claims to have 99 locations across the U.S. Maybe someone else can weigh in.
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I ended up using Dicks Barber Shop - Eden Prairie. I didn't even know it was there, but when I called the Edina location, they let me know about it.
Awesome place, with a huge putting green, video games, tvs, etc. I would recommend similar to anyone.
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