I want my sissy to have an awesome 30th birthday!
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What's a good gift for my little sister's 30th birthday? I'm arranging this from across the country, and she's going to be on a motorcycle in the middle of nowhere. More details inside.

My sister and her husband are on a motorcycle trip. I sneakily got the name of hotel that they will be staying in Fancy Gap, VA on the night of her 30th birthday (mid next week), halfway through their trip.

I want to have a special gift for her, but it really can't be anything bulky, since they're on a motorcycle, and space is very limited. I think the ideal gift would be one that could be used and enjoyed that night, like a food, or some sort of service. That way, all she needs to pack are happy memories.

Budgetwise, I'm thinking about spending around $100, but that's pretty flexible. Also, it needs to be something that I can arrange over the phone or internet from Dallas.

Please help hive mind!
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could you maybe arrange to have someone at the hotel give them a gift certificate to a restaurant in Fancy Gap? maybe you could call a restaurant and see how that could be arranged?

i think it would be awesome to check in to a hotel and find out my sibling had arranged for dinner at a nice restaurant. very thoughtful!
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Hot air balloon ride?

While dinner is a great idea I'd be wary of that idea not long after it occurred to me, just because it's the obvious thing to do to celebrate a big occasion -- so it seems likely that she and her husband should have something planned already. A second dinner arrangement might put them in a bit of a predicament. Some kind of experience that could be had either that night OR the next day, or even perhaps down the road, is what I'd be aiming for, myself, to avoid that. But that's me...! :)
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Heh, a gift card for 100 dollars worth of gas? That may be a bit lame but it sure will be useful!
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From Ms. Vegetable:
You could also arrange to pay for that night's hotel stay, with perhaps a balloon/card/chocolates in the room when they get there.
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Upgrade their room or get them a spa package or something similar at the hotel?
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Where are they going next? Some kind of gift certificate or "coupon" for an awesome activity down the road? Doesn't look like there is much there - but if you know where she's going next, there might be something more fun to do.
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