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When I turn on my Asus A8Jm (NVIDIA go7600) laptop, I get a strangely beautiful cross-hatching of colored lines. This sounds like a fried video card, right? Luckily, the card is replaceable... how likely is that this is the only problem and replacing the card will fix things?
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here is a pic of the screen. the lines are actually finer, but you get the idea. they gently pulsate when i first turn it on.
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I'd connect it to an external monitor 1st to verify it is really the video card. From my experience video card failures are pretty rare and it usually turns out to be the LCD display.
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Agreed with white_devil. Also, check that your fans are working - my laptop started running plaid and it was because both fans had died and the insides were frying. Got the fans replaced and all was well again.
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main system fan seems to have failed...thanks, saved me a fair chunk of cash and resultant heartbreak.
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nope... wasn't the main system fan. turned it on again and realized it was actually booting up which somehow i had missed before. external display doesn't seem to be sending out any signal. guess i'll go back to guessing that the video card has failed. oh well.
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