Car w/column shifter?
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Do any late model American cars still come with a shifter on the column?

Time to replace my 90 year-old mother's car. Needs to be late model (to minimize repairs), American (for servicing in VERY small town). She has driven a column shifter pretty much since she learned to drive. If column shifters are no longer available, any recommendations on helping her transition to a floor shift?
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The Ford Crown Victoria and Mercury Grand Marquis still have column shifters, as they basically haven't changed in 15+ years. The Crown Vic isn't sold in the US to the general public any more, but the Grand Marquis is.
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Just to clarify: You're talking about the shifter for an automatic transmission, and not a column shifter manual transmission, right?
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My father-in-law's Buick has a column shift.
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Check for cars that have bench seat options. Vehicles that have police packages available usually have column shift available.
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I drive a 2002 Ford Taurus with a column shifter. Seconding the bench seat or foldable front seat as an indicator that is' on the column.
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What you want is a 6-passenger sedan.
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Lincoln Towncar.

The Chrysler minivans have column shifting and are generally good choices for elderly drivers as they are easy to get in and out of. They stopped making the short wheel base in 2008 unfortunatley but if a used vehicle would be OK then look for those models.
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Ford Ranger pickup
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Yes, confirming auto trans w/column shift.

Many thanks for other good ideas. Some are options she may not like, but that'll be her choice.

Ford Ranger pickup sounds OK, but then she'd want a gun rack!
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I know people who own a late-model Dodge pickup truck and a Buick sedan that have column shifters.
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(Both automatic transmission.)
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Chevy Impala is the old-people car of choice in my family and has a column shifter.
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Most if not all pickups (uh, w/automatic transmissions) have column shifters.
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My Ford Escape has a column shifter.
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Seconding the Ford Taurus as a column shifter. My 2005 and my parents' 2006 both have column shifts.
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My 2005 Ford Explorer does and I'd be GLAD to sell it to you, but climbing up on those running boards to get in might be a little tricky.
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My Dodge Caravan is a column shift. I know there are several dodge products that have column shifters... bit I wouldn't suggest any of them. I've been lucky with the van, but the product is normally crap.
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I would guess a Buick is what you want.
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