how safe is this chicken
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I just found a frozen chicken dish in the freezer that is one year out of date.

So hive mind, if I microwave it thoroughly, would it be safe to eat?
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Definitely edible, probably awful.
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are we talking fridge/freezer, or deep freeze?
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It is safe to eat. The texture may be unpleasant though. Heat it up and see how you like it.
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It's the top part of a fridge freezer with an external door - not a small part of a fridge. It was buried in at the back.
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Throw it out. Why risk it?
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Bake it--every time I've nuked a frozen chicken dish the meat turns out like rubber.
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Would you be aware of and able to recall any blackouts over the last year?
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quick update: I ate it and it was a little tough but quite tasty. I nuked it for some extra time until it was extremely hot.

anonymisc, not aware of any electricity blackouts but it is quite possible there were some brief ones.

If I feel ill in the next day or two I shall post. Thanks for all the responses.
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love these threads, keep 'm coming
and the audacity of the MeFI crowd never ceases to amaze me (we are, after all, mostly neurotics here with a tendency towards hypochondria, right?)
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I would eat anything that was deep frozen for up to three years. I would add lots of seasoning to it however.
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For anyone checking this question in the future, the FDA has lots of guides to food safety and quality posted online. This one is for food quality when stored in the refrigerator, or freezer. Freezing food keeps it safe almost indefinitely (per the FDA), assuming no power outages.
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I recently grilled some butterflied chicken breasts that were vacuum packed and frozen for at least two years. I have pretty high standards for chicken quality, and these were from a free range local bird. Properly marinated and then cooked through, they were actually pretty indistinguishable from any other decent frozen chicken breast.
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