My Kingdom for a Playdome
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Anyone know where I can buy a children's playdome?

You know. The ones that are about 6-8 foot in diameter that we played on in playgrounds. Design similar to Bucky Fuller's geodesic domes. I'd like to purchase one for an upcoming event.
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google "jungle gym" and loads of options pop up.
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This is the best I can do. Depending on where you are, they are on sale at Toys R Us (Canada) this week.
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Or search for climbing dome or dome climber.
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We have the same one thats 299. in jrossi's post but we got it at costco for a hundred bucks 2 years ago (was regularly 150 but it was at the end of season).
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I just bought and installed a Dome Climber. It looks like they have express shipping available, perhaps you could order it in time.
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Tons of people that go to Burning Man have those (they drape parachutes over them and make a structure to live in for the week. In fact, I have all the parts for one in my basement. Here's someone who makes them. Do a search on "Burning Man domes" and you'll find other options and info.
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We tried to buy one from DomeClimber last summer, and he was having terrible prob;ems with one of his parts and wouldn't ship us the dome---for about 2 months. Eventually we had to cancel the order and it was complicated. But it sounds like he's fixed his supply problems.

We got one from KB toys, so that's no help.
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