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Help me remember a great web tutorial I once found on halftoning comics with Photoshop.

I'm trying in vain to locate a tutorial I used to refer to for halftoning in Photoshop. The example used was a Manga-style ink drawing of a girl with black hair wearing a schoolgirl-type skirt and stockings.

I've since found many tutorials on inking/halftoning in PS, but this one worked the best for me. It utilized the Mode->Bitmap->Halftone Screen style (not the Filter->Pixelate->Color Halftone style) of achieving the halftone effect, and it also required a couple more steps than the typical halftoning tutorial (I seem to remember that the extra steps involved using the diamond or cross shape in the actual halftone instead of a round dot, but relied on anti-aliasing to "smooth" the shape back to round for the final result).

When I originally found this tutorial (a few years back), it was fairly high up in Google results for halftoning in Photoshop. But being the dumbass that I am about bookmarking, I can't find it now.

I appreciate the impulse to point me to tutorials that sound similar to what I'm describing, but I really want to find this particular one-- I remember being really pleased with the result, and want to find it again.
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Best answer: This?
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Response by poster: Amazing job, Civil D. That's it.
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