What sites should a beginning guitarist visit?
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What are the best sites for a beginning guitarist? Really basic stuff and where to go from there. More inside if I can figure it out... I'm a teacher and I have some links to offer...

I send my guitar noobs to an open string tuner or I try to teach them to tune by harmonics. Then after a few lessons and a few songs I explain how the online guitar chord dictionary works and that there are chords in a key (PDF). That might take some more time depending on how readily they get each pop-up menu concept.
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The On-Line Guitar Archive is hit and miss but you can’t beat it for sheer volume and a good teacher is a good editor. And then there’s a page for the music nerds. And changing strings is important. Have you found web pages that make picking up the guitar less painful for the teacher and the student? Matt? How goes your guitaring? They're all 403s for me. :-(
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about.com has a nice lesson-based site for guitar playing. The rest of the guitar section is worth checking out.
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Did any of my links work for you skallas?
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Nope. you're malforming them.

This is the output:

You can just select text and use the link button or write HTML like described here.
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No way to fix 'em. Damn. Cut and paste, folks, sorry.
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I've always liked Cyberfret and Guitar Noise. The "Easy Songs for Beginners" part is great.
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