Where to see live music in Sydney?
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Where to go to see Live Music in Sydney? Given I'm into music, I really should know this but I don't tend to get out and see live music much. I have some friends from overseas who have tasked me with finding something on Saturday night. I'm looking for something that won't be so loud you can't talk to each other, isn't necessarily a cram everyone in to dance kind of place, possibly some jazz or latino style music. Usually I would go to the basement, but they are doing some Pink Floyd tribute which isn't my thing at all. I was thinking maybe vivaz at the rocks, but last time I was there it was a bit sleazy. The only other thing I can come up with is a gig by Chris McNulty at the Seymour Centre, but I have no idea what kind of music that is (other than jazz). Any other suggestions? Close to the city would be nice, but I'm open to ideas.
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The Arthouse hotel on Pitt St has live jazz on Saturday nights upstairs in the Dome bar.
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All the jazz in Sydney.
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The Vanguard In Newtown is usually a lot of fun. As a bonus they make decent cocktails.
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The vanguard, the enmore (except they're doing Shane Warne the musical, so probably not), the annandale, the metro, the factory and the opera house. If you get totally stuck, the opera bar often has jazz on the weekend. The drinks are overpriced, but the view is incomparable.

My favourite would be the vanguard, Friday looks like it could be fun. Oh, and this list can be useful.

Good luck, it seems like there's so much on in Sydney, until you have people to visit!
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I was going to suggest 'Soup Plus' but looks like they've closed down - I remember them doing that before though and moving somewhere new. But since its been a few years, can any locals chime in if it is still around and just in (another) new location?
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Soup Plus was indeed great. Actually, beyond great. The enthusiasm of the performers squeezed into the corner, the shared tables that encouraged shared enthusiasm, the great range of soups, the price and the central location made it a magical place. Much missed by me. Unsuccessful
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Soup plus did move, to Clarence street or something, and I went there once, but the magic had been thoroughly scrubbed away.

For live music in a small setting, with limited seats (ie you better book in advance), where the music is usualyl local bands that play world/jazz music, I highly recommend Cafe Carnivale. Here's a blog post I wrote about my first visit to Cafe Carnivale.
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Best answer:
Jazsushi in Surry Hills is a lot of fun although I did regret the amount of sake drunk. Very regular Jazz Fixtures and when I was there the quartet was great. Not too noisy either. Check them at http://www.jazushi.com.au/
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Response by poster: The are all great answers, and a great resource for future bookings (post Shane Warne: The Musical for example), just I think Jazsushi takes the cake for what I was hoping for. Thanks all, really appreciate the responses.

PS I miss Soup Plus too. Lets make placards and take the streets. Who's with me?!?
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Melbourne ;-)
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Response by poster: I went to jasushi a few nights ago, it was awesome.
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