I-15 from Zion to Grand Tetons - suggestions for stop-offs
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Has anyone got suggestions for points of interest, rest breaks and layovers along the I-15 between Zion and Grand Tetons?

We are planning a road trip for July/August in a motorhome. We have limited time to get from Zion National Park up to the Grand Tetons so we're thinking the fastest, most direct route would be to take the I-15 (sadly foregoing the Canyonlands and Dinosaur Nat'l Monument etc which look amazing but will take too long). Only thing is, we'll be traveling with our 9 month-old son who won't be happy doing a 9-hour drive without plenty of stop-offs and at least one overnight stop, so we're looking at doing the trip over 2 days. I'd really love to hear suggestions for good things to see and do along that stretch of the I-15 to get us out of the vehicle and good places to stay overnight in a motorhome - interesting towns, short hikes, viewpoints, good places to eat, campsites etc all welcome. Many thanks in advance for your responses.
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Don't know the area, but I have a general suggestion. Go to each state's 'parks and recreations' page and find state parks along your route. Usually the pages for the parks have enough info for you to decide if they would be to your liking. There are some real gems that no one but the locals know about in just about any state.
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