A cartoon about guys with giant foreheads
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My friend is trying to remember a cartoon about two guys with abnormally large foreheads. He thinks it was from around 10-13 years ago.

They had large pole with a wheel on the bottom to carry their foreheads. At some point, they argue, so one kicks the other guy's wheel thing. The weight of his forehead makes him fall forward and his forehead gets stuck in the ground. Then the same happens to the other guy.

That's pretty much it. Sounds familiar? Anyone?
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Beavis & Butthead?
posted by furtive at 9:32 PM on May 13, 2009

Is it Captain Buzz Cheaply? (via) Note: I watched the whole thing and the segment I think you're talking about happens around 6 minutes in.
posted by malthas at 9:42 PM on May 13, 2009

(rather, Captain Buzz Cheeply. with two e's)
posted by malthas at 9:49 PM on May 13, 2009

This sounds vaguely like something I would have seen on Liquid Television. Maybe The Head?
posted by sugarfish at 10:00 PM on May 13, 2009

Seconding malthas -- that's definitely the one.
posted by Rhaomi at 12:13 AM on May 14, 2009

Thirding Buzz Cheepley.
posted by SansPoint at 5:57 AM on May 14, 2009

I agree with sugarfish. They had aliens inside their heads.
posted by bleucube at 7:25 AM on May 14, 2009

Sure they were foreheads?
posted by gum at 2:59 PM on May 14, 2009

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