Can I dock MSN Messenger on the side of my (Windows XP) screen?
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Can I dock MSN Messenger on the side of my (Windows XP) screen? [mi]

Please don't tell me to switch clients. I've recently switched to using Messenger regularly after using Trillian for years. I like Trillian a LOT better, but it doesn't support MSN audio/video. Pretty much all of my contacts are on MSN, and having recently moved across the country I find myself using the audio and video connections fairly regularly to chat with friends and family back home.

Anyhow, all I want to do is dock my messenger window on the side of my screen, and I have yet to be able to find a good solution via Google. I installed something called Messenger Plus which claimed it would let me do it, but they seem to have a different definition of "docking" than what I am looking for (their solution doesn't keep the docked window always-on-top).
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Trillian 3 is just around the corner and it appears to support MSN video and chat, you might want to check it out once again.
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Can't you combine the "Always on top" setting in MSN with the dock feature of Messenger Plus? It's not real docking per se, because it won't prevent you from having windows larger that the width of the viewable area, but seems to me like it should be acceptable.
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Response by poster: mrgavins - That is my current solution, but the main thing I *do* want is to not have windows bigger than the width of the viewable area.
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Messenger Mate Lite seems to offer a docking option that claims to be just like the windows taskbar. I haven't tried it, but you could give it a shot. Be aware that it is not compatible with Messenger Plus.

I have a feeling that what you want isn't possible, at least not from a third party plugin. If MMLite doesn't work, jeffmik's advice is probably best.
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