Good eye treatment for a smooshy faced cat.
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What over-the-counter eye drops/ointment can I give my Himalayan cat to help his sometimes red and irritated eyes.

I have a Himalayan who has the all too-common problem of watery, leaky eyes but sometimes his eyes get red and irritated. Has anyone had any luck with a particular kind of eye treatment?
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My vet said to use over-the-counter artificial tear drops. If you suspect he has an infection, though, take him to the vet - there's an eye goop they can give you that comes in a little tube that will help clear it up quickly. But according to my vet, it's okay to try the artificial tear drops for a day or two to see if that flushes any irritants.
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Response by poster: Yeah I've had the eye goop before when I first got him. He was very sick since the previous owner didn't take care of him. It was an antibiotic ointment they gave me that they said should only be used when he has an infection, which isn't the case here. The more watery his eyes get, the more prone he is to fucking with them which in turn makes them a little more irritated. I've seen the drops that you are talking about in the store, I think I'll pick some up, thanks.
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