making a simple GUI to database using available python libraries
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existing python ADT structures within available libraries that are efficient at tagging schemas?

Using python, I am looking for make some sort of GUI interface that allows me to make, update and visualize a database on my harddrive, interact with it, add keywords etc. I am looking for the best platform to that has these concepts so i can do less programming and more scripting!

For example, i would like to make sure that under the hood, my keyword/tagging schema is comprised of more than one table so it is not slow.

Any ideas on the best libraries/tools to do this? perhaps there is already an example somewhere of this type of implementation? I do not know a specific GUI API for python, so im not sure which pick would have the better classes support and documentation for this type of problem.

thanks for the help!
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Response by poster: thanks for this Blazecock this too is useful. i am more looking for information on the ADT side, the GUI would be a bonus if there was already a coded example of any particular GUI API that is already working together with a ADT which emulate a Database of some kind.
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ADT to me means 'Abstract Data Type'. I'm pretty sure that's not what it means to you. Could you expand a little on what it does mean ?
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Response by poster: yes, i do mean abstract data type - i am wanting to make sure that the library i use is efficient, ie is made from relational tables rather than one big table.
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An abstract data type is not necessarily relational. Most aren't. Binary trees, hash tables, bloom filters, etc. are all ADTs. If you're looking for a GUI frontend to SQLite, MySQL, Postgresql, etc., then you will probably have better results if you search specifically for those.

Without knowing anything specific about your intended use or programming expertise, my first recommendation would be SQLite, the Python wrappers for its C API, and any of the various graphical frontends.
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Take a look at
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